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Pilling Bean Coffee Scrub Cleanser

RM 73.00

Pilling Bean Coffee Scrub Cleanser

Benefits 3in 1: Removes make up, Exfoliates, Deep Cleanses

The Combination of an advantage of coffee bean and natural essential oil extracts increases the moisturizing effect and allows deep cleansing and scrubbing at the same time.

Main Features

  • Pore care : Coffee power in this cleanser able to absorbs residue, secretion and sebum from pores

  • Whitening: This cleanser contain Glycyrrhiza extract which known  for its whitening effects.

  • Moisturized: This cleanser contain Hyaluronic acid and myriad of natural vegetables oil will keep our skin moisturized


1. Take out one piece of coffee bean

2. Add lukewarm water to coffee bean to soften it on your palm

3. Rub the coffee bean into fine grains.

4. Spread evenly on face and gently scrub to exfoliate

5. Wash off.

Usage: Use once or twice a week

Skin Type

All Skin Types

New wt: 40g