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Anniversary Set COVISEP Sanitizer + Hand Cream

RM 29.00

COVISEP Organic Sanitizer 1 bottle  500ml

  • Suitable for children and those who care about their health, skin diseases (eczema), dry skin, asthma patient, Old folks care, Cancer patient care center, Confinement center and kitchen Utensils. 
  • Non-chlorine
  • Non-Alcohol

IMAGES moisturizing PERFUME hand cream 30g 

  • (Romantic)
    beauty skin perfume hand cream care for tender hands with delicate fragrance after the hands of delicate fragrance
  • (Charming)
    water fragrance perfume hand cream light and charming fragrance moistening protecting your hands delicate hands delicate and smooth
  • (Flame type)
    fresh perfume hand cream giving skin care moisturizing the hands of the skin so that the hands moist smooth silky and delicate
  • (Elegant)
    moisturizing hand cream gentle and tender fragrance moisturize smooth and soft and make delicate silk smooth and soft
  • (Fragrance)
    silk slippery perfume hand cream aromatic plant ingredients protect your hands soft skin so that your hands are  full of soft skiing and gloss.